Cryogenic Weekend - Polar Sleep
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Cryogenic Weekend - Polar Sleep

Oleg Puzan seem to have his hands full. Not only does he frequently release under his solo alias through Cryo Chamber label but also has the energy left to cooperate with other artists. From ritualistic dark ambient to minimalism, he has made himself a name in the scene and his creativity doesn't seem to have an end.

About a year ago we saw the release of Dronny Darkos collaboration "Black Monolith" with Ajna on Reverse Alignment. This year we release another cooperative creation with Oleg Puzan; "Polar Sleep" by Cryogenic Weekend. This entity is formed together with fellow compatriot Vitaly Lebukhorski (Oil Texture) and is a visit to the coldest regions of the world where widespread glaciars and the kingdom of snow rule. "Polar Sleep" is an invitation to experience the sounds of a realm where ice never melts.

Mastered by Chris Sigdell.
Artwork by Michael "Mex" Dykun.

3CD comes housed in 6-panel digpak.

1. Melting cells (09:59)
2. Sensory Isolation (10:53)
3. Flotation Tank (11:08)
4. Telekinesis Visitors (14:28)
5. Diving Into Frozen Limbo (10:00)
6. Embracing Arctic Waters (16:52)
7. Faraday Station (14:02)
8. Absorbed Radio Waves (17:36)
9. Who Couldn't Remember (11:20)
10. Diaphragm (11:28)
11. Enomorph (10:54)
12. Towa Todo (11:50)
13. Cave Theory (10:46)
14. Darkest Glide (05:07)

Cryogenic Weekend - Darkest Glide