Kloob - Parallel States
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Kloob - Parallel States

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A welcome return to Winter-Light for Kloob with new work 'Parallel States'; his third solo album on our label.

‘Drifting helplessly in unchartered space. Gripped by fear and an inherent dread; the mind becomes wracked with feverish blurred visions. Intermittently slipping in to dreamlike sequences, spliced with harsh realities and the surreal. A sudden pulse courses throughout the body, triggering a magnificent view of the quantum limits. At once comprehending and understanding even the most intricate of macrocosmic notions.

Once the whole structure of mind, body and soul has undergone significant changes, the known boundaries of existence cease to impose such limitations.’

Ethereal soundscapes, deep-low drones, subtle-faint dub chords and gloomy atmospheres slowly slide in to assemble nebulous structures.

© Kloob 2021
© Winter-Light 2021
All music by Dani Kloob

Mastered by Robin Storey
Cover artwork and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

Glass mastered CD comes in a 4-panel Digifile, limited to 200 copies. Digital available via our Bandcamp page.

1. Dimensional Hyper-Drive
2. Holes In Time
3. Dali’s Universe
4. Radiation Cloud
5. Multiple Roles
6. Cloning Process
7. Proxy Forces
8. Expansions Edge