Kloob & Onasander - Goês
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Kloob & Onasander - Goês

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This third collaborative album "Goês" between these two great artists, is focused upon funeral laments and chthonic sorcery.

In the Greek mysteries, the funeral lament turned into a magical act and the 'daimons', the spirits of the dead, were the ideal mediators between the living and the dead. They were manipulated with evil intentions and forced to act against will.

With the release of "Goês", the witchcraft trilogy from Kloob & Onasander comes to an end.

All music by Dani Kloob and Maurizio Landini
Mastered by Ronald Mariën (Stratosphere)
Artwork by Winter-Light

© Kloob 2023
© Onasander 2023
© Winter-Light 2023

CD comes in a full-colour, 4-panel digi-sleeve limited to 300 copies.

1. Goês
2. Old Funeral Rites
3. Passage (from life to death)
4. Psychopomp
5. Sarcophagi
6. Khthon
7. Lamentation
8. Daimons and dead