Vestigial - Solar-Aeon
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Vestigial - Solar-Aeon

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In collaboration with Ukraine's "Old Captain" label, Cyclic Law present a special re-issue of Vestigial's first two EP's, Solar and Aeon with exclusive additional tracks. The Italian project points to man's biological evolution relating to the degeneration of civilisation, where a society enslaved to progress can only lead to a completely meaningless existence. The "Aeon" EP was first released in 2007 and caused quite a stir for its sheer power and craftsmanship it contained.

Slowly burning atmospheres are offset by outbursts of noise and crackles, with heavily processed voices underpinning all. "Solar" was released in 2009 and presented a much rawer vision of Vestigial where death industrial collides with intricate ambient passages.

Edition of 500 copies in 4-panel digipack. 11 tracks running time 59:00.

Vestigial - Solar/Aeon (excerpt)