Shedir - Finite Infinity
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Shedir - Finite Infinity

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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2nd full length from Italy’s Shedir. Picking up where her last album “Falling Time” (Cyclic Law) left us, we are again treated to thick expanses of floating drones and intricate use of field recordings, exposing very skilful sound design techniques.

Every object, every place, every being contains a kind of inherent solitude that is the pure essence of what it means to be. When the essence of something, its fierce and unseen loneliness emerges, we’re faced with the subtle kernel of being, lonely like the totality of stars. And the effect of being here, on Planet Earth, accepting silence, inscribes something on the cold, shiny walls of our souls, a finite flicker through infinity.

Mastering by Lawrence English.
Artwork by Nihil.

Edition of 300 copies in matt laminated 4 panel Digipack. 8 Tracks. Running Time 38:27

1. You Hear Rise The Secret Wind Behind The Brain 05:14
2. Then Swims Your Head 04:30
3. A Cosmic Game 04:32
4. Before The Last Light Is Blown 10:08
5. Flicker 02:33
6. Quickly Blood 04:18
7. Conceive These Images In Air 03:28

8. Beyond The Line 03:28

Shedir - Before The Last Light Is Blown