Ara Solis - Ashvattha
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Ara Solis - Ashvattha

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Occult Black Metal in the veins of early 90s!

Ara Solis is a black metal band from Galicia, an atlantic region in the northwest of Spain deeply idiosyncratic in terms of history and heritage, heritage which serves as an unique form of inspiration and drive for the band. The beginnings of the band are difficult to trace and are often elusive, since the band was formed from the ashes of other black metal bands and solo projects. The oldest piece of recording is a rehearsal with different members to the current line-up dating from 2015 that never was spread.

It is not until 2020 that the line-up becomes stable. In 2023 they sign Iron Bonehead Productions and Zazen Sounds for the release of their debut album 'Ashvattha', a conceptual work characterised by a memorable minimalist riff style with intricate song structures, atavic percussive work, eerie ambient synths, desolate yells and charnel whispers. Expect nothing but unadultered black metal in the old way, heavily influenced by bands such as Stigma Diabolicum, Burzum, Darkthrone, Ildjarn, Mutiilation, Von, Demoncy, early Vlad/Blut Aus Nord.

An altar of golden sacrifice mightily arises ashore the tempestuous waters of Finis Terrae. At the sylvan realms of frost, the holy gate of light and darkness appears erected stone by stone to safeguard the transdimensional portal of heroic resurrection. The Garden of the Hesperides grows around. The ancient Tree of Life and Death—Ashvattha, Yggdrasil—pours the sap of eternity in the ritual copulation of oxygenic and anoxygenic photophosphorylation. Mortals bow their heads toward the arch of heavens. The sword of the warrior reflects the light of the midday amidst the eternal dust of warfare. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun at night, lightening the hidden paths of the forests beyond reincarnation. War is the Essence. Living souls are reaped where the Phoenix is reborn.

CD comes in a 4-panel digi-sleeve.

Ara Solis - Ashvattha