RNGMNN - Arctic Interference
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RNGMNN - Arctic Interference

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Winter-Light welcomes Germany's RNGMNN to the fold, with his new work entitled 'Arctic Interference'. Having previously released albums on Noctivagant and Reverse Alignment, as well as a collaborative release on Cryo Chamber with Dronny Darko, RNGMNN aka Ronny Engmann now delivers on 'Arctic Interference' 8 new tracks of icy Arctic ambience ranging from cold, drifting pieces to stark, rhythmic, pulsating sound scapes.

Field recordings, percussive elements, sampled sounds, dark electronic pads, scrapes and stabs all combine creating a sense of drifting isolation, disorientation and knee-deep, jagged movements across vast snow blown and storm battered mind-scapes. Rest assured there are plenty of variations on this album, to peak the interests of even the most wind swept and experienced Arctic travellers.

The tracks were recorded in the month of December, over a period of years in 2014, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Here the artist sets the scene .....
"The moon appears behind the dense clouds, as the nomads are passing and wave their goodbyes. They have shown me which is the safest place to stay this night; a shelter where I will survive the Arctic climate without harm. Uncertainty arises. I hear their mischievous laughter in the distance, as if they knew that this night will not be easy for someone who is not used to these cold circumstances.

The snow around me is covered in dust and faint traces that indicate that I am not the first person to have stumbled around here. The ongoing winter storm is gradually sending its waves of frost my way. The night sky swallows the already dark mountains. The freezing cold is increasingly clouding my perception.

I reach the snowed-in shelter that is the remnants of a small cave of frozen magma. The tips of burnt pieces of wood protrude out from under the snow. Confirmation that I'm definitely not the first person to have stayed here overnight. This lonely and abandoned place is eerily quiet and unnerving. The only thing I can hear from outside is the rhythmic sound of the icicles, which every now and then clash against each other and subsequently fall to the ground. The memory of how I came here at all is slowly beginning to fade. Everything is getting dark. Everything goes numb."

All music by Ronny Engmann.
Mastered at Cruel Sound Works.
Cover artwork and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

© RNGMNN 2019
© Winter-Light 2019

CD comes in a full colour 4-panel digipak limited to 200 copies. 8 tracks with an approximate running time of 59:21 mins.

1. Arctic Interference (08:47)
2. The Cold Ones (08:48)
3. Dust On Snow (05:55)
4. Waves Of Frost (07:08)
5. Perceptual Alternation (06:30)
6. Frozen Magma (06:36)
7. Icicle Ridge Trail (07:17)
8. Numb (08:20)

RNGMNN - Arctic Interference

RNGMNN - Arctic Interference (Official Promo)