Strom Noir - Glaciology
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Strom Noir - Glaciology

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Strom Noir, which is a moniker for Emil Matko, amazed everyone with last year's album 'Urban Blues', which saw Emil exploring urban spaces with the use of ephemereal guitar melodies. On his new album on Zoharum, Emil goes to entirely different places, filled with white glaciers and snow capped mountains.

The subtitle of Strom noir's latest album is "Four Songs about Snow and Ice." Emil Matko skillfully converted the arctic landscapes into sonic structures. Four compositions filled with static guitar drones that resemble a snowy picture. They unravel very slowly and subtly into one another. They require focusing on them. A 20-minute bonus track which is the full version of 'Niekedy Sa Vracaju' originally released on 'Tanec Rusaliek' cassette in the shortened version has a similar sense.

The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies.

1. neve
2. firn
3. penitentes
4. morena

Bonus Track
5. niekedy sa vracaju

Strom Noir - firn