Strom Noir - Urban Blues
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Strom Noir - Urban Blues

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Strom Noir debuts on Zoharum with his 9th full-length album entitled "Urban Blues".

This renowned Slovak one-man project of Emil Matko penetrates the textures of shimmering ambient, urban drone with delicate tints of post-rock. This offering contains 8 compositions of staggering beauty with a cinematic feel.

"When you listen to music while walking in the city, background sounds and noises may supplement it in a non-recurring way and, even if you know the track by heart, your only feeling for the very first moment that something is different...I have tried to capture this feeling of reverse deja-vu on my latest album 'Urban Blues' which presents a trip through the city - the city you believe you are familiar with, but, on the other hand, your feeling that something is wrong is increasing."

This CD is packaged in a ecopak limited to 300 copies.

1. Maľovanie Dúhy
2. Night Blooming
3. Zavtra
4. Textures
5. Urban Blues
6. All Summer In A Day
7. V Ohni So Mnou Poď
8. All Souls (Will Be Born Again)

Strom Noir - Textures