Valanx - Ouroboros
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Valanx - Ouroboros

Arne Weinberg has been devoted to electronical music since the beginning of this millenia. As an explorer in sound he's been active in different constellations, under different styles, labels and alias. His latest projects is the dark ambient label Cromlech Records and solo act Solemn Embrace. Reverse Alignment now proudly present Weinberg's latest opus with his experimental act Valanx, "Ouroboros".

This album really smolder with adventurous creativism making a narrow categorisation in genre impossible. The base elements are deep dark but also carry sonical marks of downtempo, dub and spacious ambient. All in all making the listening experience more interesting than ever. Welcome to the world of Valanx.

1.Fading Memories 06:25
2.Deceleration 11:49
3.Deployment 06:21
4.Form & Function 17:24
5.Diffusor 06:27
6.Phantomagoria 05:07
7.Drowning in the Whirlpool of the Universe 07:51
8.Reflections in a Broken Mirror 05:46
9.The Space Between Us 07:47

Valanx - Deceleration