Skrika - Vyeltyra Vortex
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Skrika - Vyeltyra Vortex

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Skrika presents his third album on Cryo Chamber, Vyeltyra Vortex. A masterfully crafted cinematic dark ambient experience continuing to expand on the universe that started with the album Fifth Nature.

The Yn, having fled from a dying Earth, have charted their own path of exploration to that of Cerria and her followers, searching for a new home. Worshipping the mystical natural powers of the universe, the Yn have travelled to a myriad of planets seeking enlightenment. Every new civilisation they encounter speak in awe of Vyeltyra-B, and of the mysterious and secretive Vyeltyrans — a race that can control time — the chrononsphere. The Yn quickly discover that rather than a path to enlightenment, on Vyeltyra-B a path awaits of a far darker kind.

Understood by the Vyeltyrans as an evolving force, time requires great prowess to control, otherwise it can tear apart the very fabric of your being — your soul from your body. The Vyeltyrans have devised a series of rites of passage all must undergo. These rites are designed to test control of your thoughts and memories across time, and of your spiritual and physical being across multiple intersecting timelines. The leaders of the Yn — Atom, Fiadh, and Ebba — agree to undergo these rites. Initiates progress through a series of chambers for each rite, with each becoming increasingly more challenging.

Recommended for fans of crisp production, psycho-acoustic ambience and ethereal atmospheres.

CD and Digital Download comes with a 12 page matte booklet with text by Monty Adkins
Composed,Produced and Text - Monty Adkins
Design - Simon Heath
Mastering - Erdem Helvacioglu

300 edition CD comes in a Beautiful Matte 6 panel digipak with a 12 page booklet with text by Monty Adkins