Dead Melodies - The Aberration of Time and Space
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Dead Melodies - The Aberration of Time and Space

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Dead Melodies returns with the immersive inter-dimensional sci-fi odyssey, The Aberration of Time and Space. An atmospheric journey of haunting choirs, ethereal droning synths and futuristic sound design.

"Right there before his very eyes was a window into another version of reality; like a looking-glass only looking back upon himself basking in the triumph of succeeding in his life's work. The collider beeped again and another window appeared; now looking upon a new version of himself, but in this world, the experiment had failed. With each beep, another window appeared, each time revealing further, more extreme divergences and with each new world the windows grew in size." Excerpt from Booklet

CD and Digital Download comes with a 8 page booklet with narrative by Tom Moore charting a physicist's experimental research to open a portal to a parallel world.

Written, Produced, Performed, Text - Tom Moore
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

300 edition CD comes in a beautiful 6 panel digi-pak with artwork by Simon Heath