Rapoon - Dust Of Souls
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Rapoon - Dust Of Souls

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“Dust of Souls” was previously released by Ultra Mail Prod. Limited to 100 copies release was almost entirely sold out in pre-sale leaving many Rapoon fans empty handed and aurally dissatisfied. Trying to meet the expectations of those who weren’t lucky enough to get this album Zoharum picks up the gauntlet and decides to reissue this important piece of Rapoon’s discography.

Album presents 8 tracks of trance inducing rhythms and sounds. With a use of processed acoustic instruments, electronics and ambient scapes Robin Storey takes us on a journey to the unknown lands and spaces. Near East ethnic influences are served in a form of loop based brain captivating compositions. Think of softer side of Muslimgauze but more ritual and hypnotic.

As usual former member of :zoviet*france: delivers a great piece of listening, where you can fully appreciate his years of experience as musician and independent artist. This is experimental music in its best.

Composed, recorded, mastered by Robin Storey

CD comes in 6 panel digipack limited to 500 copies.

1. Shadow And Voice 17:04
2. Entering The Line 06:02
3. In The Dream Of Rivers 06:58
4. Into Mine Own 05:58
5. Where Angels Weep 08:08
6. The Sun On Stone 06:03
7. Rainbows In Water 07:30
8. Reawakening In Gold 09:33

Rapoon - In The Dream Of Rivers