Tunnels Of Ah - Charnel Transmissions
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Tunnels Of Ah - Charnel Transmissions

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'Charnel Transmissions' is the fourth TUNNELS OF ĀH release and once more the TOĀH sound is taken into ever more oblique regions.

Inspired by the 'chime and gong stations' recordings of the Cold War era, 'Charnel Transmissions' sets out to evoke rather than recreate the alienated spirit(s) of those recordings. With the ritual percussion of Francis P. weaving throughout the album alongside cracked electronics, 'Charnel Transmissions' is a disquieting spiral into an ashen world of 'mythostatic psychopomp' where this world is transformed into a charnel ground of gods, ghosts and jackals.

Crumbling drones, splintered bursts of noise and buried voices make 'Charnel Transmissions' unconventional and non-linear, much like those charnel dwellers who seek out the lowest to attain the highest. For lovers of ceremonial sounds and dark places.

1. Homage To The Landfill Dogs 11:01
2. Stations Of The Skin-Bag 09:46
3. Kosmiglot 08:54
4. Here Is The Heap 08:05
5. Fissuring-Genesis-Great-Power 10:37

Tunnels Of Ah - Fissuring Genesis Great Power (excerpt)