Decay, Death And Darkness - Aural Visions Of Zdzislaw Beksinski's Art
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Decay, Death And Darkness - Aural Visions Of Zdzislaw Beksinski's Art

During his long career, Zdzisław Beksiński worked in many fields of art: sculpture, photography, graphic art, drawing, and last but not least, painting. As an artist, Beksiński was fascinated with death, decay and darkness. Apocalyptic and dystopian art has been popular since about the 90’s. Few works are darker than those of Zdzisław Beksiński. His creatures are misshaped wretches that might have been human once, his landscapes are painted orange and red by some unseen fires; eerie monstrosities stride in the mists surrounding foreboding monuments. What does it all mean? Nothing – Beksinski never knew the meaning behind his works and was adamant against any sort of interpretation.

Eighth Tower Records know how dark music authors love Beksiński art. Thus was natural, even necessary, to think about a project around his work. This compilation presents a group of musicians whose music was inspired by, or simply is in perfect tuning, with the decay, death and darkness artistic mood of this great Polish master.

CD comes in a 6-panel full colour digipak.

1. Nuno Veiga - Boa Morte 04:06
2. Adonai Atrophia - Winter 09:25
3. mKnoise + Visions of Abraxas - Inside Yjyk Mar 07:28
4. Deathwalk - Supreme Acausal Rituality 06:44
5. Psionic Asylum - The World Of Bones 05:57
6. Sonologyst - Noumeno 05:24
7. Nihil Impvlse - Sonata For Vermins 04:34
8. Stigmate - Processing of a mourning 05:57
9. Cordis Cincti Serpente - Beyond the Mauve Zone 05:49
10. Occult Odyssey - Na' Ammah Domina Irarum Indulgentes 05:36
11. Dēofol - SKOV 09:00

Death, Decay And Darkness (excerpt)